Saturday, March 21, 2015

Animal Feet and Chicken Life Cycle

Hello Everyone!
Another rainy day??? I had full intentions of working in the yard and doing some spring planting!  Oh well, The change in plans gave me some time to post to this little blog!  YAY! I couldn't wait to share with you our "Animal Feet" hands on visual!! The kids loved Sandra Markle's new book, "If You Had Animal Feet!" We loved learning so many fun facts about animal feet and enjoyed the fun illustrations of kids with animal feet! This author is nothing short of genius!

After reading and brainstorming what kind of animal feet we would like to have, the kids wrote about their ideas and then went about creating their visual.  

If I had animal feet I would want owl feet!

If I had animal feet I would want Kangaroo feet!

If I had animal feet I would want lizard feet!

Lizard, kangaroo, mountain goat, rhino, cheetah!!  Having these feet would be fun...for a little while!!!

I can't wait to hang these up!!

Up next week? We'll be working on life cycles.  Our first graders will specifically be learning about the life cycle of chickens.  Last year we were able to watch the hatching of some little chicks. It was a school wide project. Oh my was it exciting for these little ones to experience little babies coming out of their shells. I haven't heard if we are doing it again this year, but I hope so!!  In prep for this unit of study, I put together an ultra mini unit to help kids visualize and organize thinking about the life cycle of chickens!
Here are a couple of pics of what is included in the unit!


The kids are going to love making this hands on visual!!  Stay tuned for pics of their efforts!!

So hoping this brightened this rainy day for you!!  So happy to be able to share!!
Have a great rest of the weekend! Don't forget to leave a comment! 

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