Sunday, March 15, 2015

Animals Eat, Move and Have Covering!

Hello Everyone!!
Well, this spring break has been awesome!   The weather has been rainy and cloudy the whole week.  Yay for all the lakes around us.  They are finally filling up after a looooong drought! I got a lot done on the homefront!! Some closets cleaned out, carpets and wood floors redone, made some fresh new wreaths for my front doors, and took a quick trip to visit my baby. I also had time to combine and add to an animal unit.  Kids love animals.  They love learning about the different characteristics and fun facts.  Three of my favorite books to use to integrate science, ELA, and even math are "What If You Had Animal Teeth?," "What If You Had Animal Hair?," and "What if You Had Animal feet?" all by Sandra Markle.

The animal feet book is fairly new, and so I had to add to my old unit. The new unit contains cross curricular activities to go along with all three books.  
Here are a couple of pictures of what what is included. 

The unit is now about 70 pages of poetry, reader's response, science research, math and some hands on visual opportunities! 

This coming week we will also take some time to work on vowel digraphs, specifically ay and ai.  I made a quick unit to help the kids understand when to use the two different digaphs.

Using letter tiles, kids will build and record real and nonsense words. (Letter tiles included in the unit!)

If you can use a 12 page ay, ai unit, click HERE!

Well, that's it for now!  Back to school for many of us tomorrow.  I have enjoyed my week off, but I am ready to make this coming week awesome for my kids. I hope they are ready!!
Till next time, thanks for stopping by for a peek into our wonderful world.  Stop by again soon!!


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