Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Writer's Workshop and Me and My School Updated!

Hello Everyone!
What??? Summer's almost over?? How can that be? I will finally get together on the beach with my fam next week...yes, the week before teachers go back!!   I am cutting it close! But before we go I wanted to make sure I shared two updated units.  The first one is my Writer's Toolbox and Workshop unit.  It is totally inspired by my fav. Lucy Calkins, with some tweaks and additions. It includes ways to set up notebooks, some things to include in notebooks, some writing paper temps., letter to parents, and a few other things. You will simply need a composition book and a pocket folder for each kiddo! Here are a few pics!

Next up?  I have updated my "Me and My School " unit to include some monster stuff in case you wanted to try it! This little unit is packed with learning opportunities dealing with school environment, leaders, rules, bullies, etc.  It centers around some of my fav. books, Chrysanthemum, No David, Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon and The Monster Who Lost His Mean.
Here are some pics from the unit.  

I hope these two little units help you get your year off to a great start!!  Getting Excited!!!
Have a great last few days!!!
As always, don't forget to leave a comment, as I try to read them all and take your thoughts into consideration as I continue on this journey! Thanks for stopping by and peeking through our little window!!

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