Sunday, October 11, 2015

Candy Corn Math!! Sweet!

Hello Everyone!
Before I share my newly updated Candy Corn Connection math unit, I want to share my favorite activity from this past week.  In social studies we were learning about the differences in family lives depending on where you live.  We read a lot of books on different homes, etc. from around the world. We compared the lives of those families to ours.  As a culminating activity, the kids made a paper bag house and wrote little love notes to put inside.  They turned out so sweet!

Such a sweet little community!!

In math we are working hard on place value, ordering numbers, expanded notation, etc.  I used my candy corn connection unit last year and found the kids to be very engaged while learning and practicing!!  Well, I added to the unit!!  There are a couple of candy corn poems with hands on visual connections, several whole group activities, and about 2 weeks worth of independent math tub activities (about 80 pages!) All will help kids explore and investigate what two digit numbers are all about, whether you are just getting started or simply working with kids who just don't get it yet.  All activities are very hands on  and most are just print and go.  For some, you might want to pick up a bag of candy corn, or you might be able to find some candy corn shaped table scatters or erasers.   Here are a few pics.

The free printable is about 80 pages long. 

Did you know that it is Nation Candy Corn Day on October 30??  Love it!  The unit also has a little bit of the history of candy corn.  So fun!
Well, that's it for today, friends! 
I'm off to cheer on my Texas Rangers!!  
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