Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Interdependency Terrariums and The Cactus Hotel

Hello Everyone!
I have a few minutes while waiting for some yummy veggie pizza to bake in the oven, so I thought I'd share a bit about what we've been doing in science.  We finished our unit on living and nonliving, and jumped right into a closely related topic, Interdependency.  The kids have had fun just learning how to say that word...and of course relating it to living things.We learned the def.- the relationship between two or more things- where each one benefits from the other. Last week we learned what plants need to survive and what we and other living things get from plants, so of course we had to make our terrarium!!  So much fun.  We are in the process of watching what happens and recording our observations.

This week we concentrated on a wonderful book which shows great examples of interdependency. Cactus Hotel by Brenda Guiberson.
 You have to get this book if you want kids to be amazed at how things depend on each other. Another great book to share during this unit is Desert Giant by Barbara Bash, an expository text which reads like a narrative!  

While reading the Cactus Hotel, we kept track of the dependency details on our anchor chart.

We will then create a little book to organize and share our thinking.

Want this little unit?
If you downloaded this from me last year, you will find that I've added a little extra science activity that has to do with cacti. Quick, inexpensive, and effective! :)

I love when we can add a "hand to head to heart" learning experience to every part of our curriculum!! 

OOPS! There goes my oven timer!! People depend on plants too!!
Have a good night!! I'll be back soon to tell you about our 100th day celebration, some fun winter activities, mentor sentences, some amazing opinion writing and so much more!!!! Stop by again soon!! Thanks for stopping by today!

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