Sunday, January 10, 2016

Shapes and Fair Shares!

Hello Everyone!
We had a great 4 day week last week. Isn't it crazy how even though we sometimes have short weeks, we still try to fit 5 days worth of learning in? It really makes for a full few days!!!  We worked hard on all our New Year stuff... Setting new goals for ourselves, learning about resolutions, reorganizing our school setting, etc.  

A great little resolution book to read!!

We worked on solid figures in math!
eating spheres!!

and cones!

Such great hand to head to heart learning!!

This coming week we will begin a unit on FRACTIONS!!!  Kids love learning about fair shares!!
I put together a mini unit to help me get started. The link will be below, but all you need to pick up for success in this area are some graham crackers and some animal crackers!!  Print off the unit, and GO!!
Here are a few pics of the 32 page unit!

a matching game
A mini book to make

I am really excited to bring my kids into the world of fractions!! 

Okay!!!  Gotta scoot!! The weekend is flying!!!
So much to do!!  Thanks for stopping by!! You are the best!!
Have a wonder-filled week!!!

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