Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Sweet Valentine Fun

Hello Everyone!
I quickly wanted to share a little sweet fun for you to share with your littles for Valentines (or Friendship) Day. The Spangler Candy Company has those great little gems, Dum Dums, for just this kind of sharing.  I have created a couple of things in the past using Dum Dums, and I couldn't let Valentines Day go without including them!! Here's a little friendship card for you to print and give.

I also wanted to share my math tubs for next week.  We are working on addition and subtraction to 20. This little unit includes 7 tub activities (29 pages) to help kids realize their potential in this area!! All tubs are Valentine themed with lots of hands on sweet fun!

Well, that was short and sweet.  I've got to put the finishing touches on our 100th day festivities!! Can't wait!!!  Hope you're having a great week! Talk to you soon!!!


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