Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Soaring With Eagles and Hopping into Leap Day!

Hello Everyone!
Is it really only Wednesday???  This teacher is already pooped!! We are gearing up for our annual Open House!  It is a ton of work to get ready for the kids to "show off" but it is so worth watching them shine!  We always like to have a little theme going on.  This year we are focusing on our national bird, the bald eagle.  We will cover our ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies objectives with this one bird!  I put together a little unit to help coordinate all the activities. Here are a few pics from the 90+ page unit!  We got started on some things this week!!

We will start next week with a very quick little Leap Day fun!! Kids will practice graphing, skip counting and more!!

We'll be graphing those little plastic jumping frogs.

I have so much more to share from the past couple of weeks, but I am runnin' on empty! Anyone else in that same boat???? Spring break is in sight, but... so much to do before then! Hope this post helps to make your days a little easier!  Thanks for stopping by and taking a little peek into our world.  I promise I'll share more very soon!

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