Friday, March 11, 2016

Soaring with Eagles and soon...Leprechauns!

Hello Everyone!
My apologies for not posting for a bit, but spring break is here and I have absolutely been chillin'!  It has been a crazy rainy week and with the hubs working, I have been just been catching up on some reading, cleaning, movies, cleaning, cooking, oh, and more cleaning. Don't feel sorry for me!!! We do have plans to get away this weekend!  So I thought I'd go ahead and share tonight! 
Before break we had our annual Open House!  I posted last time about what our theme was going to be...Bald Eagles!  I can not tell you how much we learned about our National bird!  The kids did a great job of showing off all their knowledge and application to their families!  Here are a couple of pics of finished products.

Life cycle!

If I had eagle wings...

First graders cut out hundreds of their handprints to create this "Handsome" bird!

How does your arm span compare to an eagle's wingspan?

We kept a log of our observations from a live eagle cam!
Throughout the cross curricular unit, the kids kept telling each other things they had learned about eagles, and I couldn't help sharing with them that I was learning right along with them, and loving it!! The kids seemed surprised by that, but I told them that the world is so full of things to learn, and when you are learning, you are growing, and keeping your mind young!! :) They responded with "You must have a really young mind!"
Hahahaha!!! :)  I hope they keep their minds young too!!!

For our Printable Eagle Unit, CLICK HERE!!

If you already have it, please download again, because I have added more fun!  It is 100 pages of math, reading, writing, creating, researching, and more!!!

And now another quick share!  We aren't often in school on St. Patrick's Day because of spring break, but this year we are! I think I've shared this quick little unit before, but I, again, have added more to it, and can't wait to have fun with the kids on Thursday! This unit focuses on the leprechauns and rainbows included in the legends of this fun day.

The unit is 32 pages of math, writing, creating, etc!

Well, that's it for tonight!  So looking forward to the weekend!!! And looking forward to keeping my mind young next week!! 
Have a wonderful weekend!

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