Sunday, September 18, 2016

Dandy Dozen Day and Coming Up? Apples!!

Howdy All!!

Thanks for stopping by today. Dandy Dozen Day has come and gone and we had a blast! I think the kids really connected with the number 12!  Here are some pics.
We talked about the different arrangements of 12.
4 rows of 3, 3 rows of 4. 2 rows of 6, 6 rows of 2
...and may have even had a little snack!

I split the kids into groups and each had to find a way to stack 12 of the items in their baskets.

Marshmallows were hard to stack.

Oreo Smores cookies were easy to stack
in a tower of 12!

LOOOOOOVE this!! :)
And we loved Dandy Dozen Day!

Coming up next week with the beginning of fall, we have taken the them of apples and Johnny Appleseed and created a unit which encompasses and integrates all of our objectives for the week. I am sharing the 95 page unit in case you need something in the next couple of weeks!! Here are a few pics of the 
contents .

Lots of math and science!!

If you are interested in this unit, Simply Click HERE!!! :)
That's all I have for now.  I'll be back soon with so much more!!!  Have a wonderful week and don't forget to leave a comment!!
Nancy :)

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