Sunday, October 2, 2016


Howdy All!!!
Place value is always a tricky math concept to teach little ones.  We worked very hard on this objective this week.  The kids already had a sense of what it was all about because we have included a "place value" piece during calendar time every morning.  (You know the whole bundling straws thing!) But to bring it home I created giant pick up sticks using pieces of wood and a paint bucket.  On one side of the stick I simply drew 10 black dots.  On the other side I drew one red dot.  When the sticks are dropped we look at the "up" side and sort,  the tens together and the ones together.  We can then easily see the value of each place. 
Writing down the value of each place was an important component.

After practicing whole group, the kids got to make their own "place value pick up sticks." They used popsicle sticks. After creating their own, they got to play with a partner. The kids loved having their own set!! :)

Coming up in writing, we will work hard on nouns, common, proper, and plural.
I have shared this little unit before, but I added a lot to it. 

That's it for now. Thanks for stopping by for a peek!!  I appreciate your interest!!  Have a joyfilled week! Don't forget to enjoy the journey!

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