Sunday, September 17, 2017

Word Strategy Posters

Hello Everyone!
Teaching reading is hard work, and can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many curriculum products out there to help guide you in helping your students to become successful readers.  Many of those products are  research based and claim to support methods and philosophies.  Some kids learn to read so easily, but more often than not, kids need specific teacher directed strategies to help them. How do you wade through it all and find what is best for your students?  I have been teaching for many, many years, and seem to try something different every year! I do follow our district plan, but usually find I need to supplement with various other plans.  This year I think I have found the answer to the “wading.” In 2015, Jennifer Serravallo came out with “The Reading  Strategies Book.” Jennifer has done all the work in researching updated best practices  for teaching reading  of students from kindergarten through about 8th grade. This book has already proven to me to be invaluable as an educator of young readers. 
I love the Serravallo books! Can you tell I get a lot out of both her writing and reading strategies books???? 

Serravallo includes 13 goals matched with the levels of readers from A-Z. The beginning couple of goals  give strategies for emergent readers and how to gain full engagement in reading.  Most of our first graders come to us with beginning reading skills. Our Kinder teachers do a great job of promoting interest in reading and  beginning those engagement skills.  We do work on stamina and staying focused on our selections.  The goal I was most interested in, which Serravallo covers next, is “Print Work.”  In this unit, Serravallo gives 23 different strategies for helping kids figure out words when they get stuck. Hooray!!!  Thank you!!!

I have picked out the ones I think will “meet my readers where they are,” and created little visuals to remind them.  I decided to make them mini-poster sized and also bookmark sized. In addition I have included some supplemental charts and quick formative assessments.

I am sharing this new packet with you because I have a feeling you may be looking for a concise, complete collection of strategies with which to work on with your kids. Just know this packet only covers one of the 13 goals Serravallo describes in her book. And to get the full lesson ideas to go along with each of these strategies, you really have to get the book! Mine is already "dog-eared and sticky noted!!!" 

Hope these help you in your journey to teach little ones about the joys of reading!!  Have a great week, everyone!!!  As always, thanks for stopping by our little window on wonder!!  

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