Sunday, October 22, 2017

Redo on Retelling!

Hello Everyone!
One of my most popular blog posts is one from many years ago on retelling. I looked back at that post and...WOW!!!  I totally needed to redo that unit!!! It looks so tired!!! I think I was just starting out with this whole "sharing via this blog" thing. It is surprising how much I have learned about creating products, making them look more engaging for kids, taking better photos, giving credit to the artists who create the clip art, finding clipart that is "cuter,"  and even adding copyright logos to some of my creations. I couldn't wait to redo my retelling unit. I have forever done the retelling rope...I mean ...for years! And many of you have adopted that strategy, but I decided to know KISS, and make the story parts color coordinated with dots. The Retelling Rings and/or Story Sticks are easier for kids to make and will be "handy" reminders of the parts of a narrative. They can keep the manipulatives in their book baskets to take out whenever they are reading or listening to a story.   Here are a few pics of the changes I've made.

 I hope you can use this new and improved version of retelling!  If you think you might,

I know I can't wait to use this retelling redo with my current firsties!!!  I'll let you know how it goes.  
Well, gotta run!!! We have parent/teacher conference day tomorrow!  I've got to finish getting ready for 22 conferences!  Yikes!!  Wish me luck with staying on schedule and getting them all in!!! I do love conferences and sharing what each little firstie is doing!  I also love hearing from parents and learning even more about my kids!!
Till next time, thanks for stopping by this little Window On Wonder!! I always appreciate comments and e-mail.  
Have a great week!

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