Sunday, October 29, 2017

Revising and Editing! Another Redo!

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Another of the more popular blog posts I've done is the one from quite a while ago on "How's My Writing?" Again, I would not be doing my job as an educator if I did not continually upgrade my lessons.  As I work more and more with our youngest writers, maintaining a safe environment for them to work is paramount. Revising and editing is the hardest part of teaching writing. It is our job to be encouragers of our young writers’ work. Our students have worked so hard just to get their ideas on paper and then they are asked to revise? “But it sounds good the way it is!” “Yes, that’s what I wanted to say.”  “I checked everything, and I didn’t see anything to fix.”  You have heard it.  It is my experience in working with hundreds of first-grade writers that adults should maintain certain beliefs about revising and editing.
*I am a firm believer in providing examples of modeling every part of the revising process and setting specific goals for specific kids. Kids should see us write, revise and edit.  Expecting all revisions and editing to take place for every kid on every piece can be overwhelming for both the teacher and the student!  I recommend introducing one revision or editing tool at a time and growing from there.
*I also believe that during the revising and editing process, staying positive is key.  Looking for the “great” things and building on those.
*In addition, I believe that writing partners play an enormous role in the revising and editing process. Utilizing the partner can be an absolute win…win…for both writers!! And sometimes, a young writer will take advice from a peer rather than an adult!! J

*Lastly, being respectful of young writers’ work is something I can not stress enough.  Providing a comfortable, safe learning environment where all effort is appreciated and at the same time encouraging the challenge and risk to rework will result in kids who love to write!
So, I have upgraded my editing unit to include revising.  Here's what you'll see in the unit!

If you think you might be able to use even a small part of this unit, you can download a free copy of it.

Thanks for stopping by for a peek into our world!  It is certainly a window of wonder!!  
Until next time, don't forget to find the joy in each and every kid each and every day!!
:) Nancy
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