Sunday, December 17, 2017

Candy Cane STEAM!

 Hello Everyone!!
We had an awesome week last week and I finally have a second to share!! Getting so close to our winter break can make for some challenging focus issues for our little learners.  We have to do our best to keep them engaged in their learning.  One way to accomplish this almost impossible task is to include STEAM activities in their day!  We were able to get organized enough to make our way through our new unit...Candy Cane STEAM!  Here are some pics!

candy cane science- solid, liquid, molecules, heat energy, etc

Candy Cane Engineering! Trapping an elf!

Here are some quick pics of some of the printables in the mini unit.

If you need to let off some STEAM and want this little unit, CLICK HERE!!!

The kids had a blast with all of this!!  This week we'll have fun with that infamous green guy!!  Talk about engagement!!!   Hope your last few days before break go well!  This is such an exciting time of year for all!!
Look for that excitement and just go with it!!
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  1. Thank-you for this idea! We're homeschooling (due to COVID) and my sons love science. They've been asking to do more science experiments; this is the kind of activity I can handle! :)


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