Thursday, March 22, 2018

Celebrating Spring with POETRY!!

Hello Everyone!!
Well, spring is here!  I love springtime in Texas!  Things warm up so quickly and all the signs of spring are evident!  Ahhhhhhh! Now, I know so many of you are still in the throes of old man winter, but spring is on the way.  Hang on!!  To help you feel a little better, how about some poetry celebrating spring? We started our four-week unit on poetry in reading and writing this week. I love how much kids love poetry!

Kids learn so much through poetry.  Our  unit will help teach all about the different types of poetry and help them read and analyze as well as write their own!  I highly recommend gathering as many poetry anthologies as you can and sharing as many selections as possible.  Along with enjoying the tongue ticklers, be sure to discuss the author’s message, tone, and purpose for writing.  As kids get into writing their own, discuss with them the same analysis ideas about their poetry!

This week we started with sensory poems. With spring as our springboard along with a good piece of literature for motivation, the kids did a great job writing sensory poems!!

Kids wrote a rough draft of their spring sensory poems.  We edited and published in a rainbow shape! I love this project and have done it for the last few years.  It feels like springtime in our room!!!

I am sharing our poetry unit once again with a few additions.  The unit includes examples of many different kinds of poems, templates for kids to try them on their own, creative ways to publish each poem, and final copy anthology pages. It is now about 105 pages of poetry power!! 

If you have a desire to climb the poet "tree" and need a little unit to get you started, 

My little poets are looking forward to the next three weeks, and so am I!!!

As always, please let me know of any typos or problems with anything!  
I appreciate your stopping by this little window of wonder!!!  
Have a great rest of the week!!

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