Sunday, August 19, 2012

Star Polisher

Hello Everyone!
One of my favorite motivating poems for me as a teacher is the lovely poem by Leah Becks called "Star Polisher."  I have posted about this before, but I needed the thoughts from this poem to come back to the forefront of my own thoughts.  I have been soooo busy getting my new classroom ready and getting things ready to go for my new team, that sometimes I lose focus.  My focus should be on the kids!!  Yes, I like a cute classroom because I spend a lot of time in it, and I want the kids to know that I love them so much that I want to give them a learning environment that they can be excited about. But the reality is, a classroom is the kids!! They are what give a room life and passion.  I'm sharing a printable of this sweet poem for you to post and be reminded of our job as teachers- star polishers!

Thanks for stopping by to take a peek!
Let's get polishing!!!


  1. Thank you for the poem! We have two new teachers this year in our first grade team and this seems like a perfect poem as a Welcome gift :)

  2. Thanks! You made me teary eyed on a Sunday morning. I'll be hanging this up for sure!

  3. I am so happy to see this poem being used and appreciated. I am the daughter of the author Leah Becks. She retired as a teacher in 2010 and passed away in 2011 from ovarian cancer. Its so great to see her legacy preceeding her. Keep polishing your stars.

    1. Sarah,
      Oh my goodness!! I am so honored to read your comment. I am sad to hear of your mom's passing, but take joy in knowing that she left her mark on this world with her obvious passion for kids. What a special lady!! I can only hope that I can follow in those steps in some small way!! Thank you for sharing your mom with the world!! Blessing to you!

  4. Thank you for sharing your hard work for free. I pray that God blesses you for your generosity.


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