Monday, November 25, 2013

OH! NO! Santa's Stuck Again!

Hello Everyone!
I want to share a few quick pics from our very busy week before Thanksgiving and an updated ramped up version of my "Oh No! Santa's Stuck" pack.
We had an amazing week with fun activities, our first grade feast and Grandparents/VIP day which for us always comes on the Friday before Thanksgiving break.
Making Butter!!!  
Shake it high!  Shake it low!

                              Celebrating Friendship!
Little Pilgrim Cutie!

Little Pilgrim boy ready for the feast!

                               What a sight!! Our 9th annual feast!!

So Thankful for this team!!! 
We love dressing the part!!

Now I want to quickly share a pack that I created last year using "Santa's Stuck" by Rhonda Greene.
I added a few more written expression opportunities, some comprehension (setting, problem, solution), an oral reading opportunity, a fun song, some rhyming center activities, a word search, another hands on visual connection, and some extra math tub activities.
Here are a few pics from the 55 page unit!

Hands on visual connection comes with patterns

Hope this little pack gets you in the mood for the
 next big wonder!!
As always, thanks for stopping by for a peek. Let me know if you can use this pack, if you want to see anything added and of course, if you spy any typos!!
I count on you to keep me in line and accurate!! I read every comment and take all suggestions to heart!
Now, off to get going on my Thanksgiving dinner!! Friends and fam coming here!! So excited!
Have an awesome week!!
And Happy Thanksgiving to all!!
Joyfully Yours!!


  1. I am thankful for YOU being around and sharing all your resources so generously! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Thank you so much for this wonderful pack and the fact that it is free is just amazing! This will definitely help get me in the holiday spirit.


  3. This has to be my favorite blog. It is the first one I go to when I am looking for something amazing and wonderful to do with my firsties!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU for sharing what you share with us. You are amazing and I wish you and your family a very blessed Christmas season!!!


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