Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Cool Finish with a Personal Finance Touch!

Hello Everyone!
Phew!! We are in the final stretch!  9 more days of first grade fun!! In math we are finishing up with a "cool"personal finance unit.  It's a unit that includes just about everything we've studied in math and social studies. Money, addition and subtraction, fractions, wants and needs, everyday living, etc.  I put together a little unit last year that now includes a personal finance section. "Popsicle Pizzazz" includes some cross- curricular learning/review opportunities that will help the last few days go down smoothly! Here are a few pics.

A PERFECT book to read if you want to combine cool popsicles and personal finance is a recent discovery, "Root Beer and Banana" by Sarah Sullivan.  It is about two girls who accidentally discover friendship and charitable giving through ice pops!! I am so excited to share this story with my littles!!Root Beer and Banana

The popsicle unit is now about 75 pages, but you certainly can pick and choose which learning opportunities to print and do! 

Thanks for stopping by!  Stay tuned for pics of our last few days of learning celebrations!!! We appreciate your support!
Well, off to get all my Popsicle sticks ready for next week!!  I hope you have a cool end of the year!! 


  1. This is terrific for those last weeks of school-which won't happen for me for a little while longer. Thank you so much for the unit and the new book title!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing all these things! This is my first year teaching first grade and your blog has been a wonderful help! :) Your ideas are fun and really hit the standards. I really appreciate you sharing your ideas for free. Have a great last few weeks of school!

  3. You have made a HUGE impact in my class and in my teaching this year. Not sure how I would have made it through my first year of first grade without you. You are truly a blessing. Thank you!

    Cori in TX (formerly WA)

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