Monday, October 6, 2014

Curious Clouds

Hello Everyone!
What a great day to start a study on clouds!!  Dark clouds this morning releasing a deluge of rain! By 1:00 beautiful clear sky with just a few cirrus clouds!  Perfect example of our ever changing skies.
I'll share our Cloud Unit in a second, but first I wanted to show some pics of our whole group math lesson. We are continuing our study of place value.  After all the activities we did last week, it was time to see how all of this fits in relationship to other numbers.  I pulled out our bigger than life 100 board and handed out some mystery picture clues.  Each clue described a number in place value (tens and ones).  The kids took turns putting their cards on the number for which their clue stood. When we finished putting all the clues down, a cloud was revealed!

Use your imagination!  It looks like a cloud, right??? The kids loved working together to create it!! I'm not even sure they realized they were growing their number sense!!!

I did put together a little integrated cloud unit.  We are going to try to get most of this in this week!!

The unit also includes some poetry, another science activity and more!!

Stay tuned for more cloud fun later in the week!
Until then, have a wonderful week!! Thanks for stopping by for a peek!! 


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  1. You constantly amaze me. I love your ideas and can't wait to use this one. Thanks for sharing.


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