Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Legend of the Five Kernels of Corn

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I love this time of year.  I love learning about the trials and successes of the small group of Pilgrims who traveled so far and lived through tragic times...all for freedom. I love sharing with kids the differences in the wants and needs between our generations. I love learning and teaching about the different environments and settings. for many of our kids, the stories of the Pilgrims are just that...stories.  I often wonder if they realize that most of what we read about from that time period really happened. There is a legend out there that I came across many years ago, The Legend of the Five Corn Kernels.  It is said that the Pilgrims endured such hardship that there were times when all they had to eat were five kernels of corn each per day. When times got better, they continued to serve the five corn kernels on their plates to honor and remember those hard times.  Many families of original descent continue this practice.  From my research, there is no telling if this was in all actuality something that absolutely occurred, but it is still a wonderful tribute to the trials and remembrances of those people.  I want to introduce this visual to my students.  I put together a little unit to help describe the legend.

Here's to remembering and celebrating history.
I hope you have time to enjoy this little legend in the next couple of weeks.
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