Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Lick, Lick! Drip, Drip!

Hello Everyone!
Are you ready for the last few weeks??? I love the last bit of time I have with my littles! They absolutely shine in everything they do!  Their confidence has skyrocketed and they feel like big kids.  I love to end the year with some cool fun that all kids love!  Popsicles and Ice Cream! I shared my little unit about popsicles last year, but I have updated and added an ice cream component. This 115 page pack is filled with lots of review activities, including math, writing, poetry, book lists, science, hands on visuals, and so much more. There's also a mini personal finance component. I hope I have time to fit it all in!  The kids will still be learning, but having some cool fun along the way.  Here are a few pics of what is included.

If You think you can use even a small part of the pack,

I hope you have a great end of the year! I hope to be back to post a few more things, but wow! This time of year is also Crazy Busy at home and at school, so I can't promise anything!  
Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!!

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