Sunday, December 13, 2015

Using our Senses, Door Ornaments, Candy Canes, Book Elf Gift Tags, and Happy 2016!

Hello Everyone!!
We have been so busy learning about what good authors do to make writing interesting and visual. This past week we focused on "If You Take a Mouse to the Movies" and used the whole idea of the popcorn to practice using our senses.  Of course we had to pop some popcorn.  What a great motivator for gaining an understanding of sensory techniques.  Sorry I didn't get pics of the actual popping, but I did get some of what we did next!  I cut some simple popcorn shapes.  The kids wrote sentences about what they experienced.

We also worked on some ornaments like the mouse in the story.  That mouse sure was demanding!! He wanted so many things!  We focused on things we need, things we want and things we can give. 

Last week we also were working on heat energy.  We got together with our book buddies and worked on some Candy Cane science.  The mouse would have loved this, but it also went so beautifully with the book -Katie the Candy Cane Fairy!! The fairies' candy canes lost their stripes-- and so did our candy canes!!!

While we were waiting for our candy cane science to "do it's thing, we made paper candy canes! 

Easy to make. Color a border around a square piece of paper. Flip the paper over and roll around a pencil from one corner to the opposite corner! Magically, a candy cane stripe will appear! The kids loved making these!!

The candy cane science activity is included in my Grinch unit.

We love giving books to our first graders for their holiday gifts. Normally we attach a little plastic sparkly icicle to use as a reading helper.  Well, of course we couldn't find any this year.  I went looking for something else we could use for our gift, and finally found some cute little clips with little elves on them.  You could easily make these by gluing on some felt and drawing a face, but I decided to save some time and purchase them. I made a little tag and voila!! A sweet little gift for some sweet firsties!!

Lastly, I have had a ton of  requests for an updated version of my Happy New Year unit.  DONE!
I added a few things to cover what we'll be working on when we get back from our Winter Break. 
Pics??? Of course!!!

We will use this for "Rhythm and Rhyme"

These are just a few of the 80+ pages you'll get in this year's download. 

PHEW!!!  I knew this was going to be a loaded post, but we made it!! Thanks for sticking with it to the end!!  Now off to get ready for Grinch Week!!!  So excited!!
I'll try to take pics along the way and share when I get a chance!! As always, thank you for stopping by our little "Window On Wonder."  I love reading your comments, so don't be a grinch, let me know how things are going!!
Till next time, have a wonderful week!!

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