Friday, August 17, 2012

First Day Jitters!

Hello Everyone!
Phew!  It seems like forever since I've posted.  I am so sorry!  I have been sooooo busy getting ready for the start of this new year!  I am so excited to work with a great team of passionate, enthusiastic teachers.  We have many new things going on, curriculum changes, teachers changes, room changes, and of course a new group of firsties!  This new year is giving many of us a case of the jitters!  So, of course, I wanted to incorporate Julie Danneberg's book, First Day Jitters into our first day.  I just created a cute little ultra mini unit with this book in mind. It's short and sweet because of all the other amazing activities and books we've already got planned!  This unit contains, a couple of reader's response activities, an anchor chart idea and a craft connection with patterns included.  I can't wait to enjoy this book with my kids!! 

I've included patterns to make this cute little jitter character!

The 13 page mini unit is available here! Click!!

I'll be back soon to share pics of the finishing touches of my new room!

Til then! Stay joyful!


  1. This is so cute! I always read this book on the first day but I have to add this adorable little craft activity as well.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Still Teaching After All These Years

  2. Thank you so much for always sharing such wonderful things!! You are awesome!! Good luck with your class this year!


  3. Thank you for this awesome activity! I'm a 4th grade teacher, but I still LOVE your blog. Thanks!


  4. We always read First Day Jitters and I just LOVE your cute art activity to go with it. Thanks for sharing!

    For the Love of First Grade

  5. Thanks for sharing this book. I am new to first grade this year and this looks like a great activity for the first day.

  6. Yay! Love this book! Thanks for the new ideas.
    What did you use for the hair on your craft? Is it just little strips of paper??


  7. Tammy, Yes! The hair is just little thin strips of paper. I can't wait to share the kids craft connections!

  8. I am always SOOOO amazed at your gift of sharing Nancy....thank you for allowing us to have a window into your incredible world of inspiring!!! Enjoy your summer.


  9. This has been a favorite book for the past couple of I have a cute follow-up activity to go with it. Thanks so much for sharing.

  10. Thank you so much for sharing this CUTE activity!! I've been looking for something just like this!


  11. I am so EXCITED!!
    Thank you for sharing this amazing craft activity. I was looking for something special to do with this book and was so happy that when I came across this.


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