Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I Can Shine If...

Hello Everyone!
So, bringing in groceries this morning, I caught my flip flop on the little step up from the garage, and fell hitting my head on the workbench! As I slowly got up, blood from a 2 inch gash above my eye was gushing everywhere! UGH! I am so clumsy!  Not sure if I need stitches yet, but I'm keeping an "eye" on it!!  (sorry-no pics!)
Are you wondering why I shared all that? Well, I'm taking it as God's little nudge telling me that I don't need to go up to school today.  I need to take a day and just sit on my couch!! :)  It gave me time to just enjoy some quiet time.  You know I'll be back up there tomorrow!!  I want to be totally organized and ready!!
During my quiet time, I redid my little classroom expectation sheet for both parents and the room.  Setting classroom expectations can be as simple or complicated as you want.  Mine is quite simple and self explanatory. Here's how I work it in my room for those of you who have asked!
My kids each have a little library pocket taped inside their cubby- very discreet. In the pocket, they have three reminder sticks, green yellow, and red. (You can pick up these colored sticks at WalMart. ) After introducing all of our expectations, kids will know that (after verbal warning), if poor choices continue, I will ask for the green reminder stick. If behaviors continue, the yellow and then the red. You can see on the chart the consequences.  Kids always have the opportunity to earn their reminder sticks back!  I don't sign folders until the end of the day.  We all make mistakes and should have the the chance to learn and grow and improve. Everyone gets all their sticks back to start a new day!

Click here for a free printable if you would like

Numbering the pockets and sticks with student numbers helps with organization (and knowing who's stick you have at the end of the day)

Mini poster to hang

Parent note

Hope this helps!
Now I think I'll head to the doctor!
No more flip flops for me!!