Sunday, May 5, 2013

Inchworm Measurement

Hello Everyone!
We are deep into our measurement unit.  One activity we did this week was make our own worms and use them to measure.  After reading "Inch and a Half," and "Inch By Inch" we just had to!! I gave the kids a little pattern and they picked out the scrapbook paper they wanted to use to create their little worm.  Their next job was to pick out some things they wanted to measure in the room. We, of course, had already talked about appropriate things to measure with something as big as our worms.  They had to estimate before actually measuring.  I asked them to notice if their estimates were getting closer and closer as they went along. And....NO GAPS or OVERLAPS! :)

We then, of course, had to measure with sour and gummy worms.  Don't worry, Mom and Dad, they didn't get to eat the one they measured with!! :)  Some kids decided to create their own learning recording sheet.

I added the worm pattern and recording sheet to my measurement unit.  

You can get it here! Inch on over and click!!

Hope you're having a great weekend!!   They always go by way too fast!! 
Thanks for stopping by for a peek!


  1. I love doing non-standard measurement! The worms are adorable... I've done little lizards in the past. The mini-unit looks great, but I think you need to make the document publicly available on Google Drive, as it is is by permission only right now.

  2. This post was timed perfectly as we will begin our measurement unit next week. I was unable to download from the link in this post but the link from a previous post worked!
    Thank you for sharing all of your adorable units!
    Still Teaching After All These Years

  3. Hi Nancy,
    Thanks for the updates to your awesome unit! I can't wait to use it when I loop back to first next year. FYI-The doc isn't available to download, though. Thanks in advance for fixing this!

  4. I am so grateful once again for your creativity and love for learning! I feel like I am often just working to keep my "head above water" being a first year teacher and then I read your post and see the awesome resources and am encouraged to keep going! Thanks for your work!

  5. I just LOVE this mini unit and it is perfect timing, we are staring measurement this week!! Thanks so much for all of your creative ideas. I am not able to download the document. Is that on my end? Thanks!! :)

  6. This is awesome, thanks for sharing.

  7. This is a fantastic resource! Thanks for sharing...


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