Friday, May 3, 2013

There's something in the water!

Hello Everyone!
I am so sorry I haven't been on lately.  Crazy, busy week!  
Among a gazillion other things, we continued with our study of natural resources, this week focusing on water. We wrote some great little poems, created a collage similar to our tree from last week, and made rain!  Here are a few pics! I'll let them tell the story of a few things from our week! :)
Brainstorming "________water" anchor chart

Love the Water Drop concrete poems!

Making a raindrop collage from magazine scraps was sooooo fun!  We'll put it up next to our tree from last week!


Making rain is as simple and cheap as filling a can with ice, water, and blue foodcoloring, and watching the outside of the can for about a half an hour.  Water forms on the outside of the can and drips down. Blue food coloring is added to the water on the inside to show that it is not that water that is leaking.

Here's the "Making Rain" activity. Click here to download.
Directions and student recording sheet included
Other Natural resource activities can be foundHERE!!

Well, I'm sorry this is so short, but I am fading fast!  Next week? some plant activities, finishing measurement, media learning, air experiments, and tons of reading and writing!!
As always, thanks for stopping by!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Nancy, what a beautiful,inspirational website. I am a high school teacher and beginning poet in Melbourne, Australia. I came across your blog through Google Images and the wonderful definition of poetry as 'powerful points in puny packages'. Is that your invention? If so, may I use it? (I'll attribute it to you, of course).
    On another note, I am at the very early stages of writing a book on how the teachers at my school have become change agents and problem solvers who use their own intelligence and creativity to improve classroom practice and then share their knowledge with each other. Your blog reminds me powerfully of the importance of this sharing. Thank you!

  2. Hi Ann,
    Thanks for your sweet comments. You can absolutely use my definition of poetry. I love anything with alliteration and that just seemed to fit!
    The premise of your book sounds amazing!! I am a firm believer in sharing when it comes to the well-being of our students!! Congratulations on celebrating this!!

  3. i love your blog! i have taken so many ideas from it for the school aged kids enrolled in the summer program at my center. your classroom looks so fun! makes me excited to get my teaching certificate and my own "real" classroom in a school!


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