Saturday, May 11, 2013

Special Delivery!

Hello Everyone!
Remember back when we celebrated the amazing book "What If You Had Animal Teeth?" While doing that unit, I happened upon the author, Sandra Markle's blog.  She was having a give away of  an autographed copy of her book. Guess what?!!  We got it!  We are absolutely in love with her book and have done some activities to go with it.  You can read about that.......HERE!!!!
Sandra is an amazing author who writes nonfiction books for kids.  They are engaging and have a purpose of teaching.  She has been all over the world studying animals, science, and the beauty the world has to offer.She has some great books in the works.  I can't wait!! Please check out her books and her blog.Click here for her blog!
special delivery!

A Sweet Letter, her book, and some book marks!

Thank you, Sandra Markle!!  We love you! We love your books!!

Have an amazing Mother's Day to all the moms out there!! I plan on celebrating my mom and enjoying my kids!!!
Thanks for stopping by for a peek!

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  1. Hi Nancy,
    I happened upon your blog a week ago and have fallen in love with everything you do in your classroom. I love the Sandra Markle book you mentioned and I love the craft even more. Would you be willing to put out a pattern for the craftivity that you did to go along with the book? Thank you. My email is

    Alissa Cornelison (1st Grade Teacher-Missouri)


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