Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Up close and personal with animal teeth!

Hello Everyone!
Who knew that studying animal teeth would be so engaging???  We had a blast today reviewing what animals eat and how their teeth fit with their diet.  I hope you have picked up our new favorite book! "What If You Had Animal Teeth?"  It describes the nonfiction and fiction fun of animal teeth!
We wrote about which teeth we would want to have yesterday. Scroll down to see that post.  Today we got up close and personal with animal teeth.  I love collecting fun things for our science center.  I have a bull skull which includes many of his teeth, a small deer jawbone, and a good friend just gave me an elk skull with teeth.  We had an amazing time examining each one.  Have you ever wiggled a bull's tooth?? :)  Tooo Cooool!!  
Anyway, we also got to do our self portraits showing off which animal teeth we would like to have.  They turned out waaaaaaaaaay cute!!  The kids had so much fun!  Take a look!
Loved that this little one wore her kitty cat sweater because she wrote about wanting to have cat teeth! :)

Did you know snake teeth fold back into little pockets when they close their mouths?? Hmmmm...

                 Open wide everyone!! Here we come!!  
Anyway, the patterns for this precious activity are in this unit HERE!! :)

Thanks for stopping by our little toothy part of the world, our little first grade classroom! We appreciate you!!
Now off to work on report cards for these little darlings!! They have each grown so much these last nine weeks! WOW!!
Can't wait!