Saturday, March 9, 2013

Swimmin Around My Bowl

Hello Everyone!
Ahhhhh! The first Saturday of Spring Break!
  Just a quick post today though because we are on our way to see my hubby's mom as she is in hospice care as we speak and ready to go to her heavenly home.  Such a sweet lady from whom my hubby has received so many amazing qualities. I want to thank her for doing such a great job with him. Praying for peace during this time.

Before we go, I did want to share a fun little game we did this week.  It is included in my fish unit, but in a mini version.  You know how much I love a lifesized math activity!! The idea for this game comes from a game by Kim Sutton.  She has such amazing number sense ideas. 
I simply cut about 14 or so large bubble shapes and laminated them.   I then cut out some large fish and placed them at the beginning and the end of the pathway of bubbles. (Write the number 10 on the first one and the number 100 on the last one.)  I also  had some numbers 0-9 on cards.  Before we began, we talked about the strategies needed to organize numbers on this board.  There aren't enough spaces for all the numbers from 10-100.  We were going to draw 2 numbers from the number cards and first decide which number to make.  For example if we drew a 3 and a 6, what two 2-digit numbers could we make and then which one would fit on the gameboard?  When we decided which number and where we should write it, the kids wrote the number on the bubble with a wipe off marker. As we got going, it got harder and harder. After completing the large board, the kids had the opportunity to do their own on the mini gameboard.

This would be a quick math tub game!!
Okay! Thanks for stopping by our little window on wonder! 
Stay safe this coming week!



  1. Thank you so much for this cute freebie! Love it! Praying for peace during this time...

  2. Sorry about your mother in law. Prayers for your family!
    Amy Burton


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