Thursday, March 21, 2013

Eat Your oo Words- Froot Loops

Hello Everyone!
I know I have posted about my "Eat Your Words" word work choice before, but today we did the kids' favorite one.  This week we are working on the long and short sounds of oo. We've worked hard on practicing the sounds and words all week, so it was time for this fun choice.  Kids end up reading and writing each word three times through this one little word work choice.  They should be ready for our spell check tomorrow!  Kids simply pick out oo words they would like to practice, write them with pencil, trace over them with any color marker, review where the oo is in each word with two Froot Loops, and then read the words to me or a friend!  OH! And then munch their oo's! 

We love having fun with words.  Manipulating letters helps kids cement their learning. "Eating words"     
literally internalizes them!!  Ha Ha!
Anyway, have a great Friday!!