Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bubble Paint and Poetry

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I completely forgot to share one of our poetry celebrations from our aquatic habitat unit.  I  receive so many e-mails about why and how I include so much poetry in my units.  Poetry, rhymes, chants, and raps present language in such a fun way.  They can be very engaging to kids who are just learning about words.  Many poems provide a pattern in language that makes learning easier. Besides building confidence in oral language, they can also promote a sense of classroom community, also making learning easier.  Poetry can be very motivating for kiddos and can provide a springboard for many other learning experiences. 
Last week I introduced a little poem about a fish who was all alone in his bowl. We had a great discussion about why we feel lonely sometimes and what we can do about it.  We recited the poem several times celebrating the joys of friendship. Then we created a way to publish out own version of the poem.  We blew bubbles!!  Mixing some dish soap, a little water, and some blue food coloring, the kids each got a chance to blow the mixture with a straw creating a mound of bubbles!! (Be careful not to such in through the straw!!!!) :)  We then placed a piece of white construction paper on the bubble mound and pressed lightly.  Voila!!  After letting it dry and trimming the edges, we glued it to another piece of paper and wrote a part of the poem around the "bubble."  The poem went into our ever growing poetry folder, and we are displaying our bubbles!

I love including and celebrating language through poetry in my classroom.  It builds energy and engagement in our learning! 

For your own little fish poem, click here!

Here's to celebrating the love of language through poetry and first grade eyes!!


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