Thursday, March 7, 2013

Welcome to Our Fishbowl!

Hello Everyone!
What a great turnout we had at our annual open house.  The kids got to show off all their hard work, and family and friends got to see where their little loves learn and grow during the school day.  I wanted to share a few pics of a couple of the displays we did to help welcome the community. I've already shown you the aquatic habitat learning that we have done over the past couple of weeks.  Enjoy the rest of the pics!

Our fish mask pictures!

First grade is "fin"tastic!

What's in YOUR fishbowl?

Welcome to our fishbowl!!

All five of our first grade classrooms had a
 "fishbowl surround."
OH! And here's our inspiration!!  Let me introduce Lollipop and Bob. 
Our sweet little guppies!!

I want to send a huge thank you to the moms who came to help with our hallways!  I also want to thank my team for their hard work and dedication!!  You gals ROCK!!
I can't wait to share with you an amazing opportunity our kids had with respect to an art program we had available tonight.  But ...another time.  this girl is exhausted.  Good Night!!

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  1. Dear Nancy,
    Just wanted to tell you that you've created a wonderful blog!
    Meital, from Israel.


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