Monday, March 4, 2013

Munch! Crunch! Slurp! Smack!

Hello Everyone!
Thanks for stopping by to take a peek into the window of wonder that is first grade!  Spring break is coming!  Open House is this week! I love that the kids get to show off some of their hard work and progress.  The beaming smiles on their faces as they share is absolutely priceless!!  I hope all you moms and dads out there can make it!! I'll take a few pictures in case you can't come. Stay tuned! :)
 My post tonight is just a quick one.  I am sharing a mini unit on something we will be working on when we get back from Spring Break.  Our science lessons will center around what animals eat.  Of course, we had to find a good piece of literature and informational text to help connect that learning.  My teammate and friend found the perfect book!!  Have you seen it??  "What Would You Do With Animal Teeth!?" by Sandra Markle has it all!! Thanks, Mary!! Information and fun literature, along with amazing photographs and delightful illustrations!  This little 40 page ELA/Math/Science unit centers around this fun book. Here are a few pics of what is included!

 Mystery picture is revealed through subtraction up to 120!! 

This game helps kids with data collection, analysis, and interpretation.

 Here's the link to get your free printable unit.Slurp and Click here!!

As always, pleeeeeeease holler at me if you spot a typo!!  I am notorious for not editing my own work very well!!  Thanks, friends!!

Have a great night!!
Stay safe all those in the middle of the snowstorms!!