Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Where did those digits go???

Hello Everyone!
Missing Digit Alert!! Today I decided to get the kids really thinking about the relationships numbers have with each other.  We, of course have worked with the 120 board before, including addition, subtraction, skip counting, finding patterns, etc. But today I wanted to see if they could tell about relationships in a different way. You know I looooove some lifesized math mini lessons (and am in love with shower curtains as  work mats!) so I created a lifesized 120 board along with a frame and some "?cards" to put over numbers. We gathered around the board and I had the kids close their eyes while I placed the frame and some cards over a portion of the mat.  When they opened their eyes, They had to try to figure out which numbers were covered up.  After telling what number they thought was hiding, they had to tell me how they figured out their answer.  You should have heard the claps and cheers when a hidden number was claimed!!  We are continually building, growing, learning, and cheering each other on as we go!! 

One of my math tubs this week practices this same skill.
When kids were finished with the front, they were invited to dig a little deeper with their knowledge and create their own puzzle on the back!! They did it!!   Great job, guys!!
(If you want some more ideas for life sized math lessons, just do a quick search at the top for math. I'll try to include links next time.)
As always, thanks for stopping our little corner of the world.  Stay tuned for more!!