Saturday, March 9, 2013

Retelling Rope

Hello Everyone!
I almost forgot to post one other thing.  I have had a ton of questions and e-mails about my story retelling rope that I posted on last year.You can read about that here! :)  I have been doing retelling ropes for a long time.  Does anybody remember "Project Read?"  The author of that amazing curriculum was my inspiration for this way of teaching kids about the parts of a story and extending that into retelling.  "Retelling" is an important component of discriminating comprehension in our beginning readers. Making it hands on is important to me! 
Kids almost always cement learning better when they can incorporate as many senses as possible.
I took some time to redo my retelling rope icons, my retelling poem, made some little posters about the parts of a story, and redid my anchor chart.
Here are some pics of what this little unit includes.

Here are some pics of finished products, anchor chart and student retelling rope.

For your free mini unit on retelling grab the rope and click here!

I hope this helps with your lessons on retelling!!  Hold on and have fun!!



  1. Thank you so much for your awesome freebie! I'm working on story re-telling with my 6-year old and this would be great! I'm loving the adorable graphics too! :)

  2. Wow! Thank you so much! My students are struggling with retelling and this will help a lot! Thank you again!

  3. The retelling rope is wonderful. Thanks for sharing these great materials!!!!

    Granny Goes to School

  4. Simply perfect. Than you so much for sharing!

  5. Thank you-I appreciate you sharing!! You are inspiring!!

  6. Thank you! This will be a great visual for my kiddos.
    Teachin' First

  7. Wow, what a wonderful tool!! Thanks so much for creating and sharing! This will be such a fun way to learn about story structure. Thank you, thank you!

  8. I just love your blog. I have been directed here a few times from Pinterest and I am always pleased when I get here. THANK YOU for the FREE resources I just love teachers who share :)

  9. Thanks for this great post and retelling rope! My Firsties will love it:-)

  10. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing mini-units. I am very grateful and I know my students will benefit from these.

  11. Thank you for this wonderful resource! I am teaching 1st grade this year, after K last year. I had heard about retelling ropes, but had no idea what they were. Now I know!


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