Monday, March 25, 2013

"Eggs"tra Special Plane Figures

Hello Everyone,
Today we reviewed some of the plane figures the kids would be working with this week; the figures they find in their pattern blocks. We discussed what an attribute was and what kinds of attributes different pattern blocks have. We spread out the figures on a large plastic egg shaped work mat.(Spring has sprung!) As we looked at each figure closely, we wrote down (with a wipe off marker) the attributes we discovered, including  numbers of sides and  vertices.

One of the activities in my math tubs this week is a game called Egg Toss Tally.  I simply took an egg carton, put the pattern block figures in the cups.  The kids have to toss a ball into the egg carton. count up the number of sides on the shape in the cup where the ball lands and record it. Toss the ball 4 times and then add all four tosses together. (A little plane figure practice and a little addition practice all wrapped up into one activity!)

Click here for your own fun little activity! :)

Stay tuned for more math fun........and a little fun from that boy who wished he had duck feet! HUH??  :)
Till then, thanks for stopping by our little window!  It's a wonder-filled view!