Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I Wish That I Had Duck Feet!!

Hello Everyone!
Another fun day in first grade today.  As a culminating literature selection for our study on animals, I chose the classic "I Wish That I Had Duck Feet." This Dr. Seuss gem was actually one of my favorites as a girl. Yes, it's that old.  However, it still remains a fabulous choice for my firsties to enjoy!
We are comparing and contrasting animals from the different groups this week. Today the kids wrote about why it would be kind of fun to have duck feet! After writing our literature response, (Daily 5-Work on Writing), we just had to create some duck feet and try them out!!
We cut some simple duck feet shapes out of foam, added a few details, punched some holes and tied them to our feet with yarn. Sooooo fun!!
Our brainstorming!!  Maybe duck feet would be great!!

 HMMMMM!!  After walking around in our duck feet, I think most kids decided that they were glad they had human feet!! :)  Of course, we didn't get to try them out in water!! :) 

My little animal unit includes a mini poster for each of the main animal groups, 5 written expression opportunities to go along with our literature selection, and a quick homophone activity.

Til next time, thanks for taking time out your day to enjoy our day with us!!