Saturday, March 30, 2013

Write to Teach

Hello Everyone,
We are about to begin our unit on "How To" writing pieces.  Our youngest authors will be learning that they can use their writing to teach someone how to do something.  They are all experts at doing something, right? :) What a way to share their enthusiasm for telling how something is done.  Let them write!!  I am sharing my mini unit on how to teach this important component of our littles' writing portfolios.  This unit can be used in conjunction with any theme, science, social studies, etc. that may be in your curriculum already.  During our landforms unit, I will have them write about how they made the Edible Landforms Cookie.  You can get that unit ***Here! :)
Here are a couple of shots of what is included in the writing unit.

Teaching the concept of using transition words is emphasized in this unit.

The mini unit is 16 pages of mini posters, planners, and mini book pages to help your young authors become teachers.  You can get it ***Here! :) Please leave me a note if you think this is something you can use, or if you would like to see a different format. 

Thanks for stopping by our little window and taking a peek!  
Have a wonder-filled weekend! 


  1. This is great, you are so incredible to share all of your hard work! It saves me lots of times!!!!
    Amy Burton

  2. What an awesome unit! The amount of writing we do is what has changed the most for us with Common Core! Thanks so much for making our jobs easier! You are the best!

  3. Thanks for sharing-I found your blog last week and have had fun exploring it. I am in my first year of teaching first grade and appreciate other teachers who have a sharing heart. YOU ROCK! So many students benefit from your work because you take the time to share your blog! Blessings to you.

  4. Hi Nancy,
    Yes! I can totally use this, along with your other fabulous FREE resources! You are so amazing and generous to share this with us! We appreciate your hard work and talent! Thank you so VERY much for sharing!

  5. As are amazing! I am going to use this next week. Thank you so much!!


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