Friday, March 1, 2013

Our Wish For Fish

Hello Everyone!
We finished the week with some pretty fishy learning!  We completed our "Memoirs of a First Grader" and I love how they turned out!  It took a lot of revising, editing, and rewriting, but having "Memoirs of a Goldfish" as our mentor text made it a little easier!! You have to get that book by Devin Scillian. It has become one of our favs!! The kids did an amazing job!!

The memoir template is in my Fish unit which you can get:

  We also took a few minutes to practice some of those "words to know" again.  these are words we should be seeing spelled correctly in our writing by this time of the year.  Today we practiced them by writing them on some paint chip strips and attaching them to a fish shape.  The strips became the tail.  They turned out so cute we decided to put them up on our big window and turn that space into a giant aquarium!  Love it!!  Great job kiddos!!

On another note, if you downloaded my "Homes, Sweet Animal Homes" mini unit, please revisit the link.  A sweet follower found some typos!!  UGH!
Here's the link again:
AHHHHH! It's Friday!! Have a great weekend everyone!!
Thanks for stopping to take a peek into our Wonder World!!  First Graders are awesome!