Monday, August 26, 2013

First Graders are Soaring!

Hello Everyone!!
What a wonderful first day we all had! I love my new littles and can't wait to see what this year has in store for us!!  I know we will all be going places!! I want to share just a couple pics of our hot air balloon theme. Each of our classrooms has a big balloon in the hallway with the words, "Come soar with us in first grade" and "Imagine the places we'll go!" Very simple and well as "fire marshal approved."
 Today, as a way of goal setting, we brainstormed ways that we could "soar" this year. I love all their ideas!! We then made large clouds with our ideas on them and put them up around our hot air balloons.

 We will get some more of our first grade soaring clouds up tomorrow. I hope all my little sweeties want to come back tomorrow!!
Stay tuned!! Much more to come!!
Thanks for stopping by our little window for a peek!


  1. Very cool blog! I love all of the ideas you have!!! I'm a new blogger myself and have ideas as well...I'd love you to check out my blog! HAPPY BLOGGING!

  2. Super cute Nancy! Thank you so much for sharing this great idea with us!

  3. Adorable idea! Thanks for sharing all those great pictures. Best wishes for the school year.

    Granny Goes to School

  4. I love this idea! This is a great first day activity!

  5. I just love what you blog about. You are totally inspiring me! I'm your newest follower.

    First in Maine


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