Thursday, July 17, 2014

Magazine Letters at your Fingertips!

Hello Everyone!
First of all, my apologies for not posting lately!  We have been having some frustrating internet problems.  So I am going to speed through this post while our connection is up!  
This is just a quick little activity post for those of you who like to use old magazines for literacy projects.  I looooove to reuse magazines that would normally just get thrown away, but I haaaaate the mess the projects create.  They can also be very distracting for some of my ADD kids. Some kids spend more time looking at all the other stuff included in magazines. 
 I have seen these magazine letter pages out there in cyberspace, so I thought I'd try it myself.  This little unit includes pages of color and black and white magazine letters you can use for so many things!! You simply need to print, have kids cut out the letters needed, and glue. You can use the pages for literacy and math! 

Can't wait to have the kids make these to go along with our Superhero beginning of the year theme!!

Unit includes several styles of  each letter, numbers, and symbols.

Phew!  I got through the post without our service being interrupted!! YAY!!
 Hope you can use this 11 page unit! 
 Please leave me a comment about
 how you plan to use it!! I would love to hear your ideas!! 
Stay tuned for a ton more "beginning of the year stuff!!!"  (Hopefully!) 
Have a great rest of the week!!