Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Eggs, Eggs, and More Eggs

Hello Everyone!
Springtime is a great time to study life cycles and we are doing just that!  We are learning so much about chickens, frogs and fish. You know I love to integrate, so I had to bring the egg ideas into writing and math.  Here are a couple of things we've done!  I posted earlier that we are working on prepositions.  We loved learning about them through Rosie's Walk. Well, we also brought egg propositions into some mini writing lessons this week.  We brainstormed all the different places we would find eggs. Some kids were thinking more science and some have Easter on the brain!  All responses were fine!

The kids then had the opportunity to create their own written piece. They could use some of the ideas from our anchor or come up with more of their own.  They glued that to a large egg shaped piece of construction paper decorated with tissue paper. ( I cut some circles from tissue and the kids brushed them onto the paper with liquid starch.) The kids loved this process, and they turned out so pretty.  We couldn't wait to hang them up! 

If you want a copy of this quick writing treasure,CLICK HERE! :)

Now on to math!  We are working on comparing and ordering numbers to 120. Earlier this week, I created some quick eggs with random numbers ranging from 20 to 120.  I passed one out to each kiddo.  The objective was to see if they could put themselves in number order from least to greatest by comparing their eggs with those of their friends. They had to remember that not all the numbers were included in the order. 
I loved the math talk I heard while they were figuring out where each kiddo had to stand with their egg numbers. 

We did the ordering several different times, each time challenging ourselves to see how quickly we could get the order set. Our best time was 20 seconds!!! Great job kiddos!!

We extended the math talk a bit more by using Chatter Kids on the i Pads.  If you don't have this app yet, you have to get it! It's easy and really promotes the talk we want to hear!
This time I had the kids pick 2 egg numbers. Take a pic and have one of the numbers explain the comparison between the two numbers. Oh And I let them put a few little additions on the eggs! :)

I am attempting to include a little video of one of the chatter projects. Hope it works for you, because it is so cool!!

I hope it plays for you!  If not, my little cutie told about the place value of her numbered egg (the one with the lips) and then compared it to the other numbered egg. Talking Eggs at its best!! :) We will do some more of this for sure!!!

Anyway, if you would like a printable of the eggs...

We will def. use these eggs for other order and comparing activities, so stay tuned!!!

I hope you are having just as good a week as we are!! Is it already Wednesday?? 
Till next time, thanks for taking a peek through our little window!!
Talk to you soon!!

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