Sunday, April 5, 2015

More Eggs and Showing, not Telling!!

Hello Everyone!
I hope you had a glorious Easter weekend! I got to enjoy it with my mom and my hubby! Sure do miss my boys especially on days like today! 
In class this week we were able to continue our study of the life cycles of perfect for using eggs in lots of different learning opportunities! And I got to break out a new life sized shower curtain 120 board! But this one is a bit different. After reading "Are You My Mother?" by P.D. Eastman, we put together a challenging little math game focusing on comparing and ordering numbers. On the 120 board I used base 10 figures, units, rods, and flats. The kids were so surprised when I pulled it out! I wanted to be sure they kept in mind that numbers stand for amounts...not just a symbol to memorize. I put some addition and subtraction sentences into plastic eggs and gave one to each kiddo.  The sums to the number sentences were clues that made a path from baby bird to mother. 

You can use the base 10 120 board for so many different things!!!  Let me know your ideas!!

I also wanted to show you one more little bit of artistic fun we had on Friday. Have you read the book, "The Easter Egg Farm?" I checked it out from the library on a whim. It definitely shows the life cycle of chickens, but with a twist!

The farmer's chicken Pauline lays eggs that look like what she is looking at when she lays them!
It plays out as a story with a good lesson about being unique!
The kids got busy painting an egg in a way that shows something they were looking at.  I love how they turned out! 

This coming week we will be seeing things in our minds eye with the power of our words. We will be working on "Showing, Not Telling!" in writing.  I am excited about helping kids use their words to show an idea! I put this little unit together with the inspiration of Lucy Calkins in mind.  

CLICK HERE for the file!! :) Yes! It's free!

Phew!  It took me forever to get this post out! Something is up with either chrome or my google docs.  Not sure... Anyway...thanks for your patience!! I hope you have the best week yet!! Don't forget to leave a comment!!  I appreciate you!

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