Friday, May 11, 2012

Dirt Dessert

Hello Everyone!
Phew! It's Friday!! Busy Busy Week!! We took time out today to enjoy a little treat! What kind of treat do you have after studying soil all week? Well, Dirt Dessert, of course! YUM! We made the yummy dessert with chocolate pudding, crushed oreo cookies, and a gummi worm. And yes, we did turn this treat into a writing activity. We brainstormed words we would need to tell someone how to make it. Then got busy with our "How to." A final little activity was to create a picture representation of our treat. Great Job Kiddos!!

Dirt dessert printable? Click Here!

Have a yummy weekend!!


  1. aww this is such a cuteeeee idea to do with the class...definitely doing it next week...thanks for sharing

    Just Wild About Teaching

  2. Hi! I tried to download the "How to Make Dirt Dessert" , but it didn't come up as a google doc. Is there any way you can re-post that as a google document? Thanks!


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