Monday, May 7, 2012

We Dig Dirt!

Hello Everyone!
Thanks for stopping by for a peek into one dirty day!  We continued with our unit on soil today with some research about soil and learning about some of the attributes of soil, considering color, texture and structure.   We created an anchor chart to help us organize our scientific thoughts.  Then we headed out to collect some soil samples.  The kids had a blast getting down and dirty with the dirt!!
We observed each sample through hand lenses and discovered that even though we all took our samples from our playground, so many of them were very different. We recorded our observations and viewed others'.  We are discovering that the earth we walk on can be different with every step!
Tomorrow we plan on making our own microscope slides to view our samples even more closely!! Stay tuned!!

Don't Worry, Moms and Dads, we scrubbed up really well after our science explorations!!

Can't wait for tomorrow!!!

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