Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's About Time

Hello Everyone,
It's time to learn about time!  Finally!  We've been doing some informal work on telling time throughout the year, but this week we began more formal instruction. I say formal, but I still like to make it fun and multisensory for the kids.  We began with an anchor chart (of course) brainstorming things we already knew about clocks and telling time.  Then it was time to make a giant clock together.  We used hula hoops for the face of the clock and cut out numbers and hands.  We arranged all the pieces and practiced telling time to the hour as a group.  Then we talked about the minutes in between the numbers on the clock.  We added hands to represent the 5 minutes.  We then talked about telling time to the half hour.  They could see that 30 is half way around the clock!  Then the kids had the opportunity to make a clock with their table groups. Each kiddo was responsible for certain parts of the clock.  When they got it put together, they could work together to show certain times.  During our ELA block we integrated our study of time by practicing a fun Time Chant! 

For a printable of our telling time activities click here!
Or click here! :)
Whoa!!  Gotta Run!!!  Still have house guests!!  Have a great night!!