Saturday, May 19, 2012

Speller Tellers

Hello Everyone
Thanks for stopping by!! A quick peek into our word work one day this past week will bring back the memory for many of you of making fortune tellers, those folded paper games where the maker hides little fortunes under flaps for the player to find. Well, we took that same idea and created Speller Tellers. We were reviewing some of our chunk words from the second semester. I first showed the kids how to fold the teller and then had them write some of their words on each section of the game. When it came time to write the "fortunes," the kids had to write compliments for their friend about their reading or writing. I love projects like this that take no prep work, and are kid generated (and the kids didn't realize they were practicing their words!!) There was no printing, copying, etc. The kids had a ball making them and wanted to make more with maybe math facts on them! Great idea guys!!
Fold a piece of copy paper to find the square

Cut off the extra

Fold corners to the center of the square

Flip paper over and fold new corners to the center

Bring opposite endges together to make pockets for your fingers

Holding underneath, you now have sections of paper to begin writing

Write one word on each section on top and then eight words on the triangles on the inside. There will be triangular flaps to write the messages!

What a fun way to practice words!!! Speller Tellers!
We will definitely find a way to use this same idea again!! Good job guys!!
Happy Spelling!!