Monday, October 7, 2013

Candy Corn Connection

Hello Everyone!!
My little mathematicians are really growing their brains!  We are working hard on place value, standard notation and expanded notation. This week, it's all about the candy corn!! Gotta add some sweet fun to the mix once in a while, right??!!  And you know how much I love a mini lesson that is life sized! Well, very quickly I created a giant candy corn shape from numbered paper plates and dug out my candy corn plates and puff balls.  We took turns tossing the 2 balls onto the game board. The kids then, had to decide which order the numbers should go to create the largest 2 digit number.   In groups they chose their number, wrote it (with an expo marker) in standard notation, showed tens and ones and wrote it in expanded notation. We reviewed that the number in that tens place is representing that many tens. (In the number 63, the 6 means 60.) We played that several times and then got busy in our math tubs which were all candy corn place value related.  Have a peek!!

 Here are a few pics from the math tubs.

And Here is your free math packet!! Click HERE!! :)
I can't wait for tomorrow!!  We will try the game using the smallest number!! 
Hope you had a great day!!  Till next time, thanks for stopping by for a peek!! If you grab the pack, let me know!!  I love to read your comments.  Sometimes I need another pair of eyes on my creations to help catch errors.