Saturday, October 5, 2013

"Moon Over My Firsties"

Hello Everyone!
We are finishing up our science unit about observing objects in the sky.  Kids are busy documenting the moon's phases, and reading a lot of moon facts on Pebblego and BrainPop.  We, of course, had to read a fun fiction book about the moon, Mooncake by Frank Asch.  We did a quick reader's response in our journals.  In the story the little bear thought he had landed on the moon in his rocket.  Instead, it had snowed while he was asleep in his rocket. His mooncake tasted know...water!  The kids had to imagine what the moon might taste like. We know that it is dust and rocks, but we got some imaginative  little responses!!!

The moon is made from cotton batting and then we cut little spoon shapes.

Friday we invited out third grade reading buddies to join us for "Moonlight Reading!" The kids brought their flashlights and I brought a light up moon!  The calm feeling in the room was absolutely beautiful!!

I found this moon light in my son's closet!!  So glad he saved it from his "astronaut phase!" He's 21 now and I don't think he will miss it!!  It has a remote that changes the lighting to look like the phases of the moon!! The kids loved it!!

Then, for our SCI FRI, we, of course, had to do the infamous crater activity. Our team has been doing this for years and it is one of the favorites!! After researching the reason for the moon looking so bumpy and dented, we set up a representation of the moon (tub with flour and cocoa powder) and dropped various sizes of rocks from different heights.  Love the reactions and the connection to other thinking!!  We are growing as scientists!!

A recording page can be found in this little unit.CLICK HERE!

At the end of the day we found ourselves with a little extra time. we decided to create our own moons.  A dab of white and a mini dab of yellow paint in the center of a piece of black paper.  We swirled it around to make a circle.  Some kids decided to try create some craters. We then sprinkled a bit of sand and silver glitter.  I think they turned out so pretty. These hands on visuals remind me of the moon in Ralph Fletcher's book, Hello, Harvest Moon. I may need to pull that book out and explore his beautiful words to go along with our moons!  OH!!  Next week's lesson plan just changed!!!  That seems to happen a lot!  

Well, that's what's going on in our little world.  Thanks for stopping by for a peek!! Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. I love this! I'm planning on having my firsties do some moon research. I think I may make some Mexican Wedding cookies or something similar to finish up.

  2. Wonderful as always!... You are the teacher your students will always remember - what wonderful experiences and memories you are creating for your kiddos.

    You are a SUPERSTAR!


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